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HONG-IK is a comprehensive construction engineering company leading technological innovation.

Subject Registration No. Date Remark
Scattering dust removal device on road using rainwater 0909076 2009.05.25 Patent
V- shaped landscaping sound barrier for road noise prevention 0922627 2009.05.25 Patent
Eco-friendly vegetation structure for road slope protection and its construction method 0935176 2009.05.25 Patent
Packaging segment initial solid contaminants purifying devices 0925500 2009.05.25 Patent
An eco-friendly ecological moving passage having inclination adjusting means 0922626 2009.05.25 Patent
End fitting device of steel pipe loop structure 0920256 2008.11.26 Patent
A method of constructing a steel pipe structure and a steel pipe structure 0911457 2008.11.26 Patent
Loop structure using steel beam and construction method 0909990 2008.07.07 Patent
Slope reinforcement structure and method of construction of green slope using it 0858735 2008.04.04 Patent
Waterproof sheet manufacturing equipment for concrete structures 0853661 2008.02.15 Patent
Stress distribution device of road information facility 0825071 2008.02.04 Patent
Device for preventing road information facilities from falling 0864461 2008.02.04 Patent
Rotating road information facility using shear structure 0835734 2008.02.04 Patent
Nailing device 0720685 2006.05.22 Patent
Underground leakage prevention facility 0720683 2006.03.03 Patent
Wedge type anchor 0598024 2005.07.08 Patent
Compression type permanent anchor 0558464 2005.07.08 Patent
Cutting device for cut-outs of roadsides 0519110 2005.01.21 Patent
Blocks and blocks integrated with road drains 0497535 2005.01.21 Patent
Anti-scrape binding block for ecosystem protection 0519111 2005.01.21 Patent
Ordered structure for prevention of leakage of river bank 0541072 2005.01.21 Patent
Road drainage and integrated block 0519105 2005.01.21 Patent
Backflow prevention device of drainage hole 0519106 2005.01.21 Patent
Sewer pipe fitting 0519107 2005.01.21 Patent
Blocks for protection of river embankments with circular vegetation blocks 0519108 2005.01.21 Patent
Ecological block for riverbed ecosystem protection 0519104 2005.01.21 Patent


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