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Road/Airport Dept.
We aim for a beautiful road designs that connect humans and nature with the goal of excellence and customer satisfaction. In addition, we are recognized as the leading company of the best road design with outstanding talents and the accumulated knowhow.

Main Services

  • Preliminary feasibility study, Feasibility study and Basic Planning
  • Basic and Detailed Design of Roads (Expressway, National Road, Rural Road, City Planning Road)
  • Design Supervision/Design VE/Overseas Business/Turn Key Base(T/K)/Technical Proposal Design/Alternative Tender Design

Main Achievements

    • ProjectDaegu Outer Circular Expressway No.700(Zone 2 : Maegok ~ Osan) Construction Project
    • ClientKorea Expressway Corporation
    • DetailsL=5.65km, B=20.0m
    • ProjectBusan Outer Circular Express way No.600 (Zone1) Construction Project
    • ClientKorea Expressway Corporation
    • DetailsL=6.6km, B=23.4m
    • ProjectBasic and Detailed Design of Yongtan ~ Dongnyang(Dongnyang Bridge) Road Construction Project
    • ClientChungju
    • DetailsL=326.0m, B=15.9m (Dongnyang Bridge)
    • ProjectAsan ~ Cheonan Expressway No.32 (Zone3) Construction Project
    • ClientKorea Expressway Corporation, Daewoo
    • DetailsL=3.8km, B=23.4m
Information Service
If you have any queries, please contact us.
  • Head Office : +82-43-230-7801
  • Anyang Branch : +82-31-440-9719


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