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Safety Diagnosis

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Safety Audit Dept.
We are the leading safety audit specialist, specializing in safety inspection and precision safety audit of the facilities of bridges and tunnels, hydraulic facilities, harbors, architectures, etc. Taking charge of the maintenance and safety of the facilities which are required by ‘Special Act on Safety and Maintenance of Facilities’, we conduct safety inspection and precision safety diagnosis with differentiated technical staffs and accumulated experiences by improving technology related to audit, diagnosis, maintenance, and reinforcement. We review various risk factors in advance and provide improvement, and the safety and maintenance of the facilities to prevent disasters, ensure the efficiency of facilities, and promote the welfare of the people.

Main Services

  • Safety Audit Professional Field
    - Bridges and Tunnels / Hydraulic / Architecture / Harbors
  • Safety Inspection, Safety Diagnosis Service
    - Regular Safety Diagnosis and Initial Inspection based on Construction Technology Development Act
    - Safety Inspection and Precision Safety Diagnosis, Seismic Capacity Assessment based on Special Act on the Safety Control of Public Structures
    - Precision Safety Diagnosis and Seismic Capacity Assessment based on Framework Act on Emergency and safety management and Earthquake Recovery Plans Act
    - Water and Sewage Facility Technical Diagnosis based on Water Supply and Sewerage Act
    - Safety management plan based on Construction Technology Development Act
  • - Harmful Danger Prevention Plan based on Industrial Safety and Health Act
    - General Damage Diagnosis (Safety Review and Countermeasures Establishment)

Main Achievements

    • ProjectCheongla International City Special Structures, etc. 2017 Safety Inspection Service (Regular, Precision)
    • ClientKorea Land Corporation
    • DetailsSimgok Bridge L=130.24m
    • ProjectPrecision Safety Diagnosis Service of National Highway No.38 Bakdaljae Tunnel (Southbound)
    • ClientChungju National Territory Management Office
    • DetailsBakdaljae Tunnel L=1,765m
    • ProjectPrecision Safety Diagnosis and Precision Inspection Service of Gosu Reservoir and 23 other sites
    • ClientKorea Rural Community Corporation
    • Details23 Places of Reservoirs
    • ProjectPrecision Safety Diagnosis Service of 26 stations including Seoul Rift-Line Ramp-E Bridge
    • ClientKorea Expressway Corporation
    • Details26 Stations Bridges


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