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Construction Management

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Construction Management Dept.
The department is composed of Korea’s most qualified technicians equipped with abundant experiences and specialized knowledge of all the processes ranging from the commencement of construction to its completion. It provides optimal service with priority placed on safety, and thereby fullfills customer satisfaction.

Main Services

  • Responsible Supervision : Supervision for Quality, Safety, Process and Project Cost Management
  • Construction Supervision : Quality Security of Construction Work Scope / Supervision of Safety Accident on Construction
  • Inspection Supervision : Based on Design Drawings, the center of inspection for the fit of construction object
  • CM Field : Construction Management in overall stages of Project Planning, Designing, Construction, Maintenance, etc. (Research&Development and Practical Application of New Technology)

Main Achievements

    • ProjectSupervision for Gageum ~ Chilgeum Pavement Expansion Project
    • ClientChungju
    • DetailsRoad L=6,864Km, B=18.5 - 35.0m Tangeum Bridge/580m (Class1Facility) (3 Vertical Nielsen Arch Bridges + STEEL BOX))
    • ProjectSupervision of Aphae – Amtae (Zone1) Road Construction Project
    • ClientIksan
    • DetailsRoad L=5.051Km, B=11.5m Saecheonnyeon Bridge /3,584m (High and low Towers FCM Hybrid Cable Stayed Bridge)
    • ProjectSupervision of Jeokgeum –Youngnam Bridge Construction Project
    • ClientIksan
    • DetailsRoad L=2.979Km, B=16.2m Bridge/1,340m (Suspension Bridge)
    • ProjectSupervision of Cheongju Alternative bypass Route Project (Yongdu – Geumga)
    • ClientDaejeon
    • DetailsRoad L=10.8Km, B=20.0m 14 Bridges Ureuk Bridge 795m (Class1Facility) (Extra dozed Bridge)
Information Service
If you have any queries, please contact us.
  • Tel : +82-43-230-7801


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