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Overseas Business

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Overseas Business Dept.
This department was established for the active conduct of overseas businesses in preparation for the globalized era and the opening up of the international markets. In particular, we have been promoting projects with Ethiopia based on long-term cooperation. In 2016, we invited the Ethiopian Roads Authority to introduce Korea’s advanced design technologies.

Main Services

  • Feasibility Study, Basic and Detailed Design
    - Project Management and Construction Supervision
    - Environment and Disaster Impact Assessment, Pre and Post Environment Impact Assessment
    - Other Engineering Consultation

Main Achievements

    • ProjectFeasibility Study for N-45 Road Expansion Project in Pakistan
    • ClientThe Export-Import
      Bank of Korea
    • DetailsFeasibility Study L=130km
    • ProjectFeasibility Study for Gore-Tepi Road Upgrading Project in Ethiopia (Update)
    • ClientThe Export-Import
      Bank of Korea
    • DetailsFeasibility Study L=140km
    • ProjectDetailed Design of Modjo ~ Hawassa Highway Project (LotII: Meki ~ Zeway)
    • ClientDaewoo Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd
    • DetailsDetailed Design L=37km, a four-lane highway
    • ProjectFeasibility Study for Lalibela-Kobo Road Upgrading Project in Ethiopia
    • ClientICAK
    • DetailsFeasibility Study L=105km
Information Service
If you have any queries, please contact us.
  • Tel : +82-43-230-7801


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