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Water Resources Dept.
For the purpose of preventing damage from natural disasters caused by rainfall, we perform work foundational to the project of flood control such as the basic planning for rivers, detailed construction designs, pre-disaster impact reviews, etc. We thereby preempt damages from natural disasters and strive to ensure lives in harmony with nature.

Main Services

  • Basic Plan of River Maintenance
  • Detailed Design of River Maintenance
  • Pre-disaster impact review
  • Disaster impact assessment

Main Achievements

    • ProjectEffective Utilizing Plan of Existing Water Resources (Han river water system)
    • ClientK-Water
    • DetailsReevaluation of Dams, Water Resources Utilizing Method
    • ProjectBocheongcheon River Basic Plan and Preparation of River Facility Management Manual
    • ClientChungcheongbuk-do
    • DetailsRiver Basic Plan, River Facility Management Manual
    • ProjectChungcheongbuk-do Comprehensive Stormwater Reduction Plan
    • ClientChungcheongbuk-do
    • DetailsComprehensive Stormwater Reduction Plan
    • ProjectEumseong-gun Small Scale River Maintenance Cemprehensive Plan and
    • ClientEumseong
    • DetailsSmall Scale River Maintenance Cemprehensive Plan, River Data Logging
Information Service
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  • Tel : +82-31-425-1562


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